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  • Nov 23, 2018
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Kumasi stands to be a major city in Ghana. With UN estimating a total population of 1.73 million inhabitants, it is one of the cities with diverse people from different tribal backgrounds. In the heart of the Ashanti region, the Garden City is a place full of rich culture and history, and of course, fufuo. Aside meeting the beautiful people, there are sights that one has to make a point to visit when in Kumasi. Manhyia Museum: Manhyia is well known to be the town which has the palace of the king of the Ashanti kingdom. On the same premises is the museum where you can learn unfiltered history of the Ashanti kingdom. They take you through series of pictures, monuments, statues and videos which tell the stories of the Asantes. It is there you can see the ammunitions, outfit, swords and other weapons that the old kings used for wars. There’s a lot of history to be learnt at the museum, and you shall leave completely satisfied of your desire to know.
Ol’ Lady Sports Bar & Lounge: Launched in 2017, Ol’ Lady suits the popular saying “Paul a woamma nt?m nso ?sen adikanfo.” The sports bar and lounge has come to fill the void in nightlife in the region. What is better than hanging out with friends and loved ones at an enclosed well secure lounge where you can sing along and dance to your favourite songs, sip on the best of wines and beverages, and watch football matches in style?
The award-winning DJs on rotation at Ol’ Lady are top notch, and have an A-game. The MCs know their crowd, as they always bring out the party animal in party people. It is a great thing to be served with the best of finger-licking mouthwatering food which has been properly cooked and managed by expert caterers. Relax in a cabana which would make you more comfortable than your own home. Your visit to Kumasi without visiting Ol’ Lady would surely be incomplete. Locate them at Danyame, inside New Orleans Hotel, close to Miklin Hotel.
Lake Bosomtwe: Named as the only natural lake in Ghana, Lake Bosomtwe derives its roots from the ancient days. The lake is about 10.5 km (6.5 miles) in diameter, and it is viewed as a sacred by the Ashanti people. A legend is told about the souls of the dead making their way here to say goodbye. It’s one of the best places in the world to admire nature and therapeutic peace. Enjoy the fishing, canoeing, swimming, and don’t forget to check out their apatere fish sauced with red pepper.
source: www.ghanaweb.com
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