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Ghanabook is an interactive platform for Ghana, its your window to share the moments, news, interests, activities, places, happenings, lifestyle is in Ghana as much as the globe. This platform is where you get real-time update about what matters to you in Ghana. You could create an account and ask basic questions.

When you need to know what's going on—in Ghana, your city, town or across the globe—get the best of what's happening now on Ghanabook

Ghanabook allows you to share your moments, interests and and get informed on all the real-time activities in Ghana and across the globe covered from Lifestyle, sports, politics, entertainment, diverse, education and many more. This platform will help you know all the places and happenings in Ghana

Create an account on Ghanabook and experience life as an astronaut, see what moves a your colleague in Ghana, or gain insight from the what Ghanaian dishes are. Ghanabook direct access to the most interesting people in Ghana make it more personal and interactive.

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