When Did You Text a Message After Series Of Calls unanswered?

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Sometimes, I wonder where we are heading to in this country. You call someone seventeen times and he/she does not take your calls, what is wrong in sending a text to the person? I wonder what we use our bonus text messages for.
Let me ask:
When last did you send someone a message after series of unsuccessful calls?
What is the use of text messages in your phone?

Don't forget:
The receiver may be in a meeting and can't take calls
The receiver may be in a place that prohibits the use of cell phones.
He/She may not be in the mood to receive calls
He/she maybe sleeping.
Organizations use text messages to invite you for tests or interviews
Your service provider use text messages to inform you of an improvement in their products and services

Let's learn to use text messages today.

Mods, when last did you use text messages as a means of communication?
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